Just Add Power Releases 718KVM and 749KVM Transmitters in Response to Downmixing Chipset Shortage

Just Add Power releases 718KVM and 749KVM transmittersJust Add Power released the 718KVM and 749KVM transmitters that will take the place of the 718AVPs and 749AVPs models. Built during a time when the solutions’ Dolby downmixing chipset is in short supply, the new transmitters support keyboard, video and mouse (KVM) as well as stereo audio breakout. The transmitters are field-modifiable in the future to have all features of the 718AVP/749AVP once the Dolby chips become more readily available. This strategy will protect dealer investments and give them a path toward full AVP performance.

Just Add Power’s new 718KVM and the rackmount 749KVM will replace the out-of-stock 718AVP and 749AVP indefinitely. Like the AVP models, the new PoE transmitters encode a 4K or lower-resolution source device into an IP signal and send it over the network with ultra-low latency and instant switching. They also support HDCP 2.2 and USB 2.0 and feature image pull, stereo audio output 3.5 millimeters with adjustable delay, RS-232, IR and CEC control of sources.

Once available, the upgrade will enable Dolby DSP, re-encoding Dolby Digital 5.1 as Dolby Pro Logic II for HDMI distribution to both multi-channel and stereo audio zones and provide two analog audio inputs that are mixable with HDMI audio. The KVM transmitters are now shipping.