Jupiter by InFocus Intros Catalyst XL Display Wall Processor

Jupiter by InFocus just debuted a new flagship Catalyst XL display wall processor featuring a 4K and 8K capture board technology and real-time document and video annotation capability.

Catalyst XL is designed for 24/7 control operations. The processor can power up to 48 displays and a maximum of 156 4K IP and direct inputs. The Catalyst XL is available with a four-channel HDMI input board capable of ingesting resolutions up to 4K per input, and which can be synchronized for 8K capture.

Using point-to-point technology, Catalyst XL’s bandwidth is bi-directional at 15.8 GB/s and uses PCIe Gen 3 x 16 that enables direct data sending without needing to go through system memory. DirectGMA technology allows the processor to maintain frame synchronization while handling high-speed data transfer from the capture board to one or more GPU boards and it can support full-duplex communication between any board for full-frame rate transmission from the source to display through the PCIe bus. The Catalyst XL includes a new graphics driver, support for multiple languages, and backwards compatibility with the Jupiter by InFocus’s ControlPoint software.

The Catalyst XL offers users security via a specialized version of Windows 10 LTSB and Jupiter by InFocus’s collaborative visualization software, Canvas, in its newest 5.6 version. With Canvas, users on a mobile device or conference room display can view video, data and applications from a control room, as well as annotate directly on live video streams, chat by text or voice and collaborate on documents in real-time. Catalyst XL can be used for a single video wall using Canvas or it can be connected to a Canvas Enterprise ecosystem, where multiple video walls are managed by one or more Canvas servers.

Catalyst XL will debut at Integrated Systems Europe at InFocus stand #2-B60 from Feb. 5 to 8, 2019, along with the full Jupiter by InFocus line including PixelNet 2.0 and the newly-updated Canvas 5.6.

All the specs are here.