Jupiter Announces PixelNet — Capture, Distribute, Control and Display Digital and Analog Video

At InfoComm, Jupiter showed the company’s new PixelNet, which the company says is a new way to capture, distribute, control and display digital and analog video sources. Based on technology previously used for data communication networks, PixelNet adopts Gigabit Ethernet and Ethernet switches for use with the high resolution, real-time video. With the packet-switching, Jupiter says any information source can be shown on any display, as a window on a single display, or as a window spanning multiple display devices in a display wall. Any source can be shown at any size on any display or array of displays.

PixelNet is an all-digital system and input and output signals can be either digital or analog. All video processing is done in the digital domain including cropping, scaling, de-interlacing and noise reduction. This is OS-independent, and uses unshielded twisted pair cabling.