Jetbuilt Will Trump Its Competition with New Project Platform for Everyone

jetbuilt new platform

Jetbuilt will debut “Project Platform for Everyone,” a strategy to unite project stakeholders and fuel collaboration between manufacturers, consultants, dealers, vendors and end users, at ISE 2024 from Jan. 30–Feb. 2, 2024 in Barcelona, Spain.

Recognized by industry experts for powerful proposal generation and comprehensive 360-degree project management, Jetbuilt’s platform delivers “multifaceted capabilities to sell, manage and support projects quickly and efficiently.” At ISE 2024, Jetbuilt says it will herald a new era to enhance communication and collaboration seamlessly through new features and enhancements within its user-friendly, purpose-built platform. This strategic shift towards fostering unity among audiovisual professionals will take centre stage at ISE 2024, where Jetbuilt plans to showcase its evolved focus through a new initiative, Project Platform for Everyone.

In addition to empowering integrators to build, sell and manage projects with unparalleled speed and efficiency, Jetbuilt’s platform facilitates real-time communication among diverse roles. Portal, the latest enhancement to Jetbuilt’s robust platform, is another example of Jetbuilt’s continued investment to fostering collaboration. Portal enables integrators to share pertinent information, such as project status, drawings and designs, equipment manuals and other project details, with their clients. The detailed information sharing occurs within the platform to provide an organized, singular database to encase information and communication.

Drawing insights from years of experience in the custom installation and professional AV industry, Jetbuilt’s dedicated team has pinpointed a crucial need for improved cross-professional communication. Despite these groups’ daily interaction and collaboration, they are constrained by isolated work environments. With a shared objective of delivering fully functional, robust systems to end-users, AV professionals encounter unnecessary hurdles in communication. Jetbuilt’s platform eliminates redundancies to streamline communication processes by providing a standardised tool, effectively dismantling the silos that traditionally separate professionals across the industry.