Jetbuilt Releases Version 2 of Its Project Management Software at InfoComm 2019

Jetbuilt today announces Project Management 2.0 to provide Jetbuilt users with a single, unified platform for sales and project management. This update builds upon Jetbuilt’s original project management platform unveiled in winter 2018 by incorporating valuable feedback received from Jetbuilt users. Jetbuilt will showcase Project Management 2.0 in booth 1135 at InfoComm 2019.

Project Management 2.0 features a management task list to create an enhanced visualization of steps, conversation, photos and documents between project managers and technicians. Users can comment on individual tasks from the desktop software or with the JetbuiltGO app, available for Android and iPhone devices, enabling two-way communication between sales managers, engineers, project managers and technicians in the field. As a task is created, users can create notes and upload photos, documents and drawings. A project manager can optionally require a photo in order to complete a task, enabling a visual verification, meanwhile, creating a unique feature available to the industry only through Project Management 2.0, which is part of Jebtuilt’s approach to providing useful, powerful tools for the industry. Finally, 2.0 includes schedule and calendar syncing. Companies can opt to work in the current due date method or the new task schedule method and integrate the confirmed installation location, date and time within their Google Calendar.

By incorporating project management into Jetbuilt’ sales software, users can manage a project during the entire lifespan, from initial estimation to installation completion. During proposal generation, users can build tasks for the items in the proposal. Once the project is approved, the individual tasks will automatically populate into the software, eliminating a large amount of time typically used in the project organization phase. These tasks stay with those items for all future projects, creating even more efficiency project after project. Users can assign individual tasks to technicians, either phase-by-phase or in bulk. Images and comments are populated into the project’s file folder and saved for future reference. Finally, and best of all, Project Management 2.0 is available for the same $29 per month, per user.

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