Jetbuilt Unveils Manager Approval Feature in Enterprise Platform

jetbuilt manager approval

Jetbuilt just unveiled Manager Approval; the latest feature in its Enterprise platform designed for large consultants, facilities and integrators. Manager Approval, available as an optional feature for Jetbuilt Enterprise users, requires managers to formally approve a proposal before the salesperson can submit it to a prospective client.

Manager Approval enables salespeople to design and edit a project; and once it’s ready to present, a watermarked proposal is created for review. The proposal can be revised until it’s ready to present — then, the salesperson can request for a manager to approve the proposal. The manager will receive a notification to review the proposal; once they’ve approved it, the manager can render a proposal without watermark for the client’s consideration. If the client returns the proposal with requested changes, the salesperson can send the proposal to a revision stage, which will automatically create a new version of the project.

Jetbuilt has continuously invested in features for its Enterprise platform — including Manager Approval, Trip Calculator, Margin Worksheets and Pricing Programs — to streamline day-to-day operations. With Trip Calculator, Enterprise users can calculate trips with distance ranging from local mileage to international travel and create expenses with their own criteria. Meanwhile, Margin Worksheets enable users to view and manipulate margins for equipment, labor and shipping. Jetbuilt’s Pricing Programs allow users to automate equipment and labor prices — which is ideal for state institutions or facilities with negotiated manufacturer pricing programs.

Jetbuilt built its reputation by reimagining overly complicated software processes into clean, fast, easy-to-use interfaces. Manager Approval, like many other Jetbuilt features, was built from the valuable feedback received from large-scale integrators to create the ideal AV project software.