Jetbuilt Adds ‘Service’ Module


Jetbuilt has announced the addition of “Service.” The new module provides everything one would expect from a service application, but with “far more intelligence and power due to its unique integration with Jetbuilt’s core platform.”

“The Jetbuilt community has been requesting this functionality for a long time,” remarked Paul Dexter, Jetbuilt founder and CEO. “But first we needed to build everything that an efficient Service module relies on, including a fully developed sales platform, CRM, project management, and asset tracking. These all tie into a highly effective and, in many ways, automated service module.”

Service integrates with Jetbuilt’s existing asset tracking by “giving the end user the ability to scan a QR code on the back of an item that is malfunctioning, thereby creating a service case with a flag to contact the client for additional details and schedule service,” according to a press release from the company. Already stored within the asset that the client is reporting is warranty information, date of installation, IP address, login details and a host of other essential information to help the tech resolve the service case.

Whether a case is submitted from an end user or through the front office, details about the project can be accessed, including if a support package is attached, if the project is under initial warranty, and what related equipment is part of that original installation.