JBL Offers Free Speaker Locator Calculator

JBL 0410

JBL Professional just released what they areJBL-0410 calling the CBT Calculator software, an engineering tool that allows audio professionals to design JBL’s CBT Constant Beamwidth Technology line array column loudspeakers into a wide variety of applications.

CBT Calculator 1.00 predicts the vertical coverage of CBT models in venues via a sound level coverage display (sectional view) at user-selectable frequencies. The program allows the modeling of either one or two CBT speakers in each simulation, virtual adjustment of their various installer-adjustable settings for vertical coverage (narrow or broad) and voicing (music/flat or speech), and a dedicated EQ, if desired, for each speaker.  Positioning and angling of the CBT speaker(s) can be adjusted and up to four independent listening planes can be added for mapping the coverage.
In addition to the sound level vertical coverage mapping of a proposed design, the CBT Calculator can also ascertain the frequency response for up to six listener locations as well as provide an SPL summary of the various listener locations over user-defined frequency bands.

This new software allows system designers to determine the best CBT model, the proper vertical coverage and voicing settings, mounting height and down angle, enabling accurate design of the JBL’s CBT column line array speakers into virtually any application.

The CBT Calculator is a free download at: http://www.JBLPro.com/CBTCalculator