JBL Introduces MRS500 Lightweight Pro Speakers

JBL Professional introduced the lighter, more compact and better performing MRX500 Series. class. The new line consisting of five passive sound reinforcement loudspeakers use JBL Professional 400W Differential Drive transducers. The JBL MRX515 15″ two-way, multi-purpose speaker system has 70° x 70° nominal coverage with a power capacity of 400/800/1600 watt (continuous/ program/peak), a new annular polymer diaphragm compression driver and dual-angle pole socket. For added versatility, the MRX515 features two Neutrik NL4. And for extended bandwidth in one cabinet, the new JBL MRX525: Dual 15″ two-way, speaker system also carries a 70° x 70° nominal coverage and more advanced power handling of 800/1600/3200 watt.

The MRX512M is a 12″ two-way, multi-purpose speaker system with a 70° x 70° nominal coverage pattern and power handling of 400/800/1600 watt (continuous/program/peak). This loudspeaker features a Differential Drive 12″ woofer, the new annular polymer diaphragm compression driver for optimum performance and also a handle and loop thru connector on top plate for easy access in monitor position. The MRX512M 12″ features a dual-angle pole socket and two Neutrik NL4 connectors. The MRX500 Series include two subwoofer choices. MRX518S: 18″ subwoofers features 500/1000/2000 watt, direct-radiating, 2044G woofer whereas the MRX528S: Dual 18″ subwoofer features, 1000/2000/4000 watt direct-radiating, vertically-oriented, 2 x 2044H woofer. Both units offer dual Neutrik NL4 connectors with satellite loop thru capability.

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