JBL Redesigns Control Speaker Series

jbl-contractor-0216JBL has all-new Control 23-1, Control 25-1 and Control 28-1 loudspeakers. The update to the series brings an array of new features, styling and more competitive pricing. The latest versions of the Control Contractor series feature a more contemporary look, a flatter and wider frequency response for a more natural and full sound, greater bass extension, improved coverage for on- and off-axis sound and a higher maximum SPL.

The JBL Control Contractor models combine 70V/100V (“T”) and low-impedance (“non-T”) versions for greater job-site and inventory flexibility. Contractors and dealers will also appreciate the retention of the pioneering InvisiBall brackets as standard and the addition of U-brackets as an optional add-on. New outdoor features include an attractive redesigned grill with improved plating and finish, screw-down input terminals and an optional WeatherMax aluminium grill with a toughened finish and optional MTC-PC3 watertight panel covers for wire side-exits in tight-to-wall applications.