Jazz Appreciation Month: JAM On With High-Quality Sound!


The National Museum of American History labeled April as Jazz Appreciation Month (JAM). It’s a time to celebrate and draw public attention to all the wonders of jazz, the amazing heritage and history, and to recognize iconic artists.

It’s important to take the time to appreciate the joys, powers, and glories of such magical music. What better way to listen to jazz that with the best quality sound?

Getting the best sound from an audio system is what is most important to audiophiles, however you do not need to be an audiophile to enjoy great sounding music.

As April has been designated as JAM, music is at the forefront in the AV industry and the newest tech on the market has been a growing need for wireless signal propagation to enjoy audio in areas that were otherwise unobtainable. From compressed (lossy) MP3 libraries that the public has been familiar with to the new trend of uncompressed (lossless) audio, there are many flavors depending on budgets, and more importantly, preferences.

musicTo have a wireless audio system that will cater to either lossy or lossless formats is what currently gives users the freedom to choose their platform, as opposed to getting into a system that is specifically for MP3 or the new Hi-Res Audio initiative set forth by the CEA (Consumer Electronics Association). Systems that work well with both sides of the spectrum are what give customers the ultimate flexibility.

Tell us: How will you be JAMming out this month?