James Loudspeaker Unveils Shallow Architectural Speaker

James Loudspeaker has added a new product to its lineup of Small Aperture (SA) architectural speakers with the introduction of the 42SA-4 in-ceiling/in-wall two-way loudspeaker. The 42SA-4 is the most compact Small Aperture model, fitting easily into shallow wall or ceiling environments such as a 2×4 stud bay.

The James Loudspeaker 42SA-4 utilizes proprietary drivers including an aluminum 4-inch woofer and a 2-inch midrange/high-frequency module that combine to deliver outstanding room-filling full-range musical playback including defined low frequencies all through a small 3-inch opening. Custom integrators will appreciate the speaker protection circuitry built in to all SA models, ensuring the highest degree of reliability and performance for any application.

There are now five available models of the Small Aperture loudspeaker featuring multiple enclosure sizes as well as 3-inch or 4-inch round or square grilles. Custom versions are also available to suit unconventional applications. The lineup includes two Small Aperture subwoofers and five models of James Loudspeaker’s PowerPipe subwoofer that in many cases can be mated to SA-style grille solutions. When required, James Loudspeaker will custom engineer and manufacture a speaker to match a specific lighting fixture, wood grain or vast array of standard and custom finishes.

Here are the details.