James Loudspeaker Intros Slim Profile Aluminum SLT3 SoundBar Series

james-slt3-0615James Loudspeaker has added a new series of slim, 3″-profile, full-range SoundBars called the SLT3 Series. Intended for vertical applications on either side of a TV, the compact 3.15-inch wide/4.75-inch deep form factor (height measurement customized for each TV) uses four proprietary 3.5-inch aluminum woofers.

The James Loudspeaker SLT3CS sound bar pair provides audio for video content with balance and spoken dialogue appears to be coming from he center of the screen. And each sound bar is custom sized and finished to match any TV. The SLT3CS can be used as a basic audio upgrade for any TV, or as the Left/Center/Right channels of a complete surround system.

The SLT3CS was initially developed to accommodate applications requiring a slender profile. James engineers, seeking to generate high output and extended low frequencies from a small form factor, employed an advanced band pass enclosure housing four 3.5-inch woofers per sound bar as well as a pair of 2-inch aluminum mid-range drivers and a ¾-inch aluminum tweeter to create three-way, full-range clarity. Frequency response of the SLT3CS is 70Hz to 22kHz.

The James Loudspeaker SLT3CS Centergy SoundBar pair is available now and lists for $4,000. In addition to the vertically configured SLT3CS, the SLT3 Series features three additional SoundBar models to accommodate both vertical and horizontal mounting applications; the SLT3LCR (featuring drivers for left-center-right, $2,800 each) or SLT3LR (featuring drivers for stereo, $2,500 each) or SLT3C (featuring drivers for center only, $2,200 each).

Here are the details.