James Loudspeaker Redesigns QXC Mounting System Making Upside-Down Ceiling Installations Easier

James Loudspeaker has redesigned the mounting system for their QXC series of architectural speakers, making it dramatically easier for integrators to secure them in place. 
The new QXC loudspeakers utilize a lightweight aluminum frame with semi-circular clamps that attach to the ceiling or wall surface using stainless steel hardware. Once the frame has been secured with speaker mounting screws in place, the QXC speaker can be simply rotated into position using the provided keyhole shaped receptacles in the speaker’s mounting flange. This methodology eliminates the need for the installer, often perched precariously on a ladder, from having to balance the speaker while simultaneously holding tools and hardware.

Here’s a real-time video they made doing a ceiling install: 

The QXC Series speakers (available in 6.5 and 8-inch models) feature aluminum cone woofers with Santoprene rubber surrounds and quad aluminum tweeter arrays. Here are the details.