Jabra Unveils New Range of UC Headsets

jabra headphones
Jabra announced its Evolve2 range of UC headsets this week. The new range consists of the Evolve2 85, Evolve2 65 and Evolve2 40 — all are aimed at the collaboration market. The headsets work with all leading UC platforms and are pending certification for Microsoft Teams.

Evolve2 will integrate with software/monitoring vendors to allow IT directors and other decision-makers to analyze the performance of every Jabra headset. They will also identify the root cause of poor call quality, whether it’s due to the Wi-Fi router, UC infrastructure or the individual user’s headset settings. Further, the Jabra Xpress software enables the management of headsets, allowing for firmware updates and the implementation of new features.

Compared to Jabra’s existing Evolve range, the Evolve2 85 is a purely digital headset that delivers 50 percent better noise cancellation via the Digital Hybrid ANC and noise isolating ear cushions with memory foam. The voice performance is powered by 40 percent better-transmitted audio and double the voice distractor performance, which delivers a distinct focus on the user’s voice while canceling distracting sounds around the user. This focus is partly achieved via the 10 microphones that ensure both voice clarity and ANC — for speaking in even the noisiest environments.

The products within the range feature 360-degree visibility of the Jabra signature busy light on both ear cups to signal concentration while working autonomously. Additionally, the wireless headsets in the range can be connected to all mobile devices. For these, the Jabra Sound+ app allows users to personalize settings.

Here is an overview of the three options in the product family:

  • The Evolve2 85 offers Digital Hybrid ANC and ten microphones in total, including two microphones in the fully integrated boom-arm, which can be hidden and eight in-the-ear cups. The battery lasts up to 37 hours, and it also includes 40-mm speakers and an integrated busy light with a 360-degree view on both ear cups. The headset uses audio chipset technology and can be used in both an office or mobile environment.
  • The Evolve2 65 has three microphones, of which two are located in the boom-arm and one in the right ear cup. The headset offers up to 37 hours of battery life and three times better real wireless range than the existing Evolve 65.
  • The Evolve2 40 is a corded variant but includes the same offerings as the Evolve2 65.

The Evolve2 85 and Evolve2 65 will include the Jabra Link 380, Jabra’s new BT adapter (dongle) that will be available in either USB-C or USB-A version.

The Microsoft Teams variants in the range have a dedicated Microsoft Teams button, which allows instant connection to colleagues and meetings. For these versions, the status indicator LED on the headset signals different alerts, such as a missed call or a new voicemail.

Here are the prices:

  • Evolve2 85 STEREO MSRP $449 ($499 with desk stand for charging)
  • Evolve2 65 STEREO MSRP $249 ($299 with desk stand for charging)
  • Evolve2 65 MONO MSRP $239 ($289 with desk stand for charging)
  • Evolve2 40 STEREO MSRP $139
  • Evolve2 40 MONO MSRP $129

More information on the Evolve headset series can be found here.