AI-Powered Updates to Jabra PanaCast 50 Amps Up MS Teams 

Jabra PanaCast 50Jabra has announced new AI-powered features for its PanaCast 50 and PanaCast 50 Room System today at InfoComm 2023. To address the growth in hybrid meetings, in collaboration with Microsoft, Jabra is introducing new updates to its PanaCast 50 video bar, including Microsoft IntelliFrame with multiple video streams and face and voice recognition functionality. These new features aid Microsoft’s next-generation AI tools, including intelligent meeting recap in Teams Premium to revolutionize meeting experiences.

Jabra says the PanaCast 50 will be one of the first intelligent front-of-the-room Teams Rooms on Windows video bar to enable Microsoft IntelliFrame with multiple video streams. Additionally, with Teams’ voice recognition capabilities, the PanaCast 50 allows in-room participants to maintain their identity in the meeting transcript, aiding AI-based productivity tools.

With intelligent recap in Teams Premium, you’ll get automatically generated meeting notes, recommended tasks, and personalized highlights to help you get the most important information, even if you miss the meeting. Meanwhile, Microsoft IntelliFrame gives each in-room participant a dedicated camera view, providing a more inclusive remote experience and providing an optimized front-row experience in room-to-room meetings.

Both features play a crucial role in helping employees to have more productive meetings, get up to speed on focus topics, organize key discussion points and summarize actions so that the entire group understands the next steps.

The new multiple video stream functionality enables remote users in the Teams meeting to have a better view of who is in the meeting room with three video streams: the first stream is the current speaker, the second stream is for the previous speaker and the third stream is the full panoramic room view of the meeting room or space, so no individual is excluded. The upcoming face recognition functionality allows in-room participants – upon authorization with individual enrollment – to display their names to remote users and populate the meeting room roster.

Upon individual enrollment, voice recognition functionality enables in-room participants to maintain their identity in the meeting transcript, allowing more precise intelligent recaps for users with a Teams Premium license.

Hybrid meetings are also taken to the next level as the system comes equipped with the Jabra Intelligent Meeting Space. The new features allow customers to set a meeting room or virtual space boundary with PanaCast 50 so that people within the defined space are fully included. In contrast, people outside of the boundary are not inadvertently included. The new feature allows PanaCast50 to exclude people visible through glass walls which are not part of the meeting.

Updates to PanaCast 50 will be available during the summer and autumn of 2023. Jabra PanaCast 50 Video Bar System will be available in a phased approach, introducing an Early Adopter Program on June 15, with general availability from September 1.