It’s Official: Obama Calls for DTV Transition Delay

President-elect Barak Obama has done what many predicted: called for a delay in the transition to DTV next month (scheduled for February 17, 2009).  So far, more than 93% of American TV households have already made the transition due to having Cable TV service, digital satellite service or having taken advantage of the government-subsidized coupon DTV black-box converter program that allows people who get over-the-air TV using antennas to still get SD service using a converter box that works with existing systems.  So, due to the other 7% that haven’t “gotten a clue,” we all may have to await the final transition – apparently, a PUNISH THE MASS FOR THE FEW mentality is taking hold there in Washington.

I guess a 12-year “heads-up notice” just wasn’t long enough.

For more information on the digital transition (whenever it will happen), go here.