It’s HERE!!

Normally, I agonize over my blog posts! I have this obnoxious attention to detail that makes me want to fact-check, proof-read, fact-check again, and just make sure everything is perfect before it goes live!!  (Which usually ends up backfiring and I don’t even bother with grammar because I stink at it.) That and I tend to think, why would anyone want to know my opinion — isn’t there a saying about everyone having one? And of course, I want you all to enjoy reading my posts and feel like it’s worth your time spent!  Heck, don’t we all!? 🙂

A certain someone told me JUST WRITE IT, don’t think about it and today I’m taking their advice!! Because it’s InfoComm 2012 everyone, and, what is more important to our industry and each one of us than this time of the year?  So, today’s post is different and just completely from the heart!

Whether we’re in the Las Vegas heat already, packing up, or not going at all, this is such an important week for the AV industry we should all be proud of and celebrate together!!

Our industry is so dynamic, creative, and full of the most wonderful people we should feel so blessed!! I often find myself thinking “I’m so glad I don’t work on Wall Street” or some other boring industry. And, that’s saying a lot because I work for the government. We create solutions that enable people to communicate, improve their abilities to generate business, and even heal the sick!!  Everything we do makes life easier and more productive for someone else.  THAT seems like a pretty awesome industry if I may say so myself and it makes me so proud to able to say I am part of it with you all!!

So, my point is just this — we’re going to be flying around like crazy this week and it IS about our new products, who has the best, and what parties are you attending…  But, in the midst of all that, it’s also about taking the time to appreciate and enjoy what an AWESOME industry we are because of the AMAZING people who make it all happen!  Not just next week at InfoComm12, but, all year long!!

AND, if you want to stay up with everything as it happens when it happens, you should definitely bookmark rAVe’s InfoComm 2012 On Demand RIGHT NOW:

I’m honored and it is a privilege to be part of the your team.  All the best wishes to everyone for a successful and fantastic InfoComm 2012!!

Most important, it’s been an amazing year for all of us Women in AV and I can’t express enough how grateful and floored I am to see us all come together, our achievements, and the support our industry has shown us!!   It all started here with my very first guest blog (yes, it’s the person whose advice I take today):

Our most special thank you to rAVe [Publications] founder Gary Kayye for your support.  He encouraged me when I said I have an idea after InfoComm 2011, let me blog about WAVE however I want, went out of his way to provide prizes for our first contests, sponsored our new website, AND, he single-handedly got us back our URLs (if you remember that).  We were ready to be “” like “thefacebook.” He said he won’t accept anything less than our getting our group having our URLs. We owe you ALL our thanks, for being the first and best #AVGent to support WAVE!!  And, THAT’S why you can check us out now at –>  Waahoo!!

As I get ready to go into this week, I want to extend my most heart-felt and sincerest THANK YOU to everyone at rAVe [Publications], InfoComm International, NSCA, and AVNationTV. We wouldn’t be where we are today without your amazing and incredible efforts and work.  Everything we have achieved has never been done before and without you WAVE would not be where we are, in less than a year no less!!

And, please help me in THANKING and CONGRATULATING our Women in AV Planning Board!!  Laureen Jones, Kelly Perkins, Jan Sandri, and Officer Cory Schaeffer. It really chokes me up to think about how much all that these women have done over the course of this last year solely for the benefit of everyone else.  These women are the finest in our industry and I can’t thank them enough for all the work and time they put in to make a difference in someone else’s life.  Women in AV is a volunteer group, so, all the time they put in is above and beyond what they have to do.  This is an amazing group of women in our industry, Award Winners, President’s of Companies, Board of Director’s, and ladies who oversee entire departments.

Thank you WAVE!!!

Kelly is the driver behind our logo and website from Day 1!  All creative genius is her!

Laureen (from New Zealand no less) headed up our first WAVE Mentor Award! She makes sure we recognize ourselves!

Jan carries WAVE with her sponsorship and keeping our focus on our being good community stewards!  We’ll help others at InfoComm 12 because of her.

And, Cory.  Not only do I consider myself most lucky to call her a friend, but also, if you don’t have the fortune of knowing her, she is one of the most amazing women you will ever meet. Period. All of these ladies have been my mentors, but, no one more so than Cory. I run everything by her I think needs counsel and together we make strategic decisions about WAVE. Thank you.

So, my point is… InfoComm 2012 about our business.. BUT, our business is so good because we are so lucky to have the best and most generous people in the world who are keeping us going!!! Please remember to thank those who make a difference in your life.

What are you most thankful for and what do you enjoy the most about InfoComm 2012 next week?!