ITS Enclosures Provides Flat-Panel Safety Inside and Out

ITS Enclosures showed a number of its enclosure products at NSCA. Among their offerings are flat-panel display enclosures for indoor and outdoor use that accommodate different mounting needs. They probably have as wide a variety available as anyone in their ViewStation line. All are designed for theft and tamper prevention.

The double-sided model actually comes WITH a pair of 42-inch LCD panels. It’s obviously designed for everywhere you want people to be able to view both sides of a display. It can be ceiling or custom mounted and has thermal management.

The indoor includes thermostatically controlled filter fans and can hold a variety of sizes. It can be ceiling, wall, post, or custom mounted.

The outdoor enclosure also accommodates a variety of sizes and can be ceiling, wall, post or custom mounted. Thermal management is available as an option.

Finally, the Coverstation lets you customize the display with whatever colors you wish. Permanent brand placement is also an interesting option. It has a locking mount.