Israeli HDBaseT Innovations Know-How Making Waves Across the Atlantic


Herman Pro AV recently began distributing and incorporating MSolutions’ HDBaseT testers throughout the U.S. market. Enjoy this interview with Eliran Toren, MSolutions co-founder and CEO and Jeffrey Wolf, co-CEO of Herman Pro AV.

Q: MSolutions: We know that Herman is a leader in providing AV products, procurement solutions and technical labor resources to systems integrators throughout the US, but could you fill in some of the details for us? Who are your main customers?

A: Herman Pro AV: We provide our products and services to all types of systems integrators. Our partners include the largest commercial AV integrators, but we serve the small ones as well.

Q: MSolutions: What were your latest big projects and how working with the MS-TestPro could “get the job done” even better/ increase ROI?

A: Herman Pro AV: We partner with our customers on some of the largest AV projects being done from both a product and services perspective. Our customers could benefit significantly from the MS-TestPro HDBaseT tester as it allows them to quickly and effectively test all the signals with the highest degree of accuracy and then produce a full certification report guaranteeing both installers and end-users peace-of-mind now and in the future.

Q: MSolutions: What are your expectations from the MS-TestPro HDBaseT tester as related to marketing and as a tool to be incorporated into the work and training at Herman IS?

A: Herman Pro AV: The technicians at Herman Integration services will be equipped with this tester to help them improve the quality and reliability of their work, while being able to provide a documented certification.

Q: MSolutions: How have the technological leaps been made in AV and other related high-tech data and communication systems in the last few years affected your clients and business partners? Has the reality in the field kept up with the technology or are is there a big delay between release of new technologies and their real-life implementation? How does MSolutions, the MS-TestPro fits into that picture?

A: Herman Pro AV: AV systems and transmission quality are improving at an exponential rate. 4K resolution was first introduced a little over a decade ago and has already become an industry and consumer standard, and we have already seen the first 8K televisions at the CES 2019 convention! Everyone wants to receive the very best quality and fastest transmissions, but it is not enough to buy an 8K television in order to do so — the infrastructure carrying these ultra-ultra-high-quality signals must be capable of doing so without glitches and outings. MSolutions is a true veteran in the field of HDBaseT, with a team of HDBaseT professionals some of whom were in on the very invention of the technology. As a direct result, they have consistently produced and marketed new HDBaseT tools and components that are capable of dealing with new levels of quality and technology almost at the time of their release, making 4K (and soon 8K) quality a reality, and not just a label on a new device, for all of their satisfied customers.

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“Herman is a major source for both AV industry leading products and supply chain solutions, as well as a provider of high-level technical labor resources, and we are proud to be represented by them in the United States,” said Eliran Toren, MSolutions Co-founder and CEO, MSolutions. “The MS-TestPro is THE all-inclusive HDBaseT tester for every professional. It is portable, comprehensive, 100% reliable and extremely cost effective. MSolutions’ commitment to bringing innovation and added value to their customers fits perfectly into Herman’s company vision and values. We look forward to a long and fruitful partnership with them and their large clientele.”

“MSolutions is a veteran in the field of AV and HDBaseT, providing solutions for existing technologies and at the same time innovating solutions for next-generation technologies,” said Ariel Marcus, Cofounder and CTO, MSolutions. “The fact that Herman provides not only high-end AV components and tools, but also offers technical labor resources, by way of Herman Integration Services, will enable us to both supply AV professionals with the best and most innovative tools possible and to receive direct feedback from those professionals so as to continue and expand our leadership in providing in-the-field solutions in real-time.”