ISEurope is the AV Industry’s One True Mega-Show


ise1Once a year, in Amsterdam, the world comes together for the AV industry’s one true mega-show in the form of an AV fair doubly hosted by both InfoComm (the world’s largest ProAV show company) andCEDIA (the world’s largest HomeAV show company).

Dubbed ISE, the annual show is truly the ultimate AV tradeshow in that it holds the latest in both residential AV and commercial AV technology. And, thanks to the show planners, led by Mike Blackman and his team, Integrated Systems Events out of Munich, Germany, this year’s IS Europe promises to not only be the largest combo-AV show ever, but also the best attended.

Well, we were lucky enough to be granted exclusive access to the show floor a day before the show actually opened and caught a number of industry leaders in the process of setting up their best and brightest new products so they’d be ready for the mods of people hitting the show floor bright and early at 10.00 hours tomorrow. And, best of all, we grabbed some of them and got them on camera to tell you, sort of a show sneak-peak, why you should pay attention to the ISEurope 2011 show – even if you’re not here in Amsterdam.


How? Well, we’ve set up a show web portal site that not only hosts our show blog reports, but also we’ll be tweeting about all the new products that’ll debut at ISEurope and we plan to shoot videos of each and every new product launched here at the annual European AV Fair. So, check out our show Twitter feed here: 

You can see ALL the videos we’ll shoot all three days of ISEurope here.  In fact, we’ve already got 40-something pre-show videos uploaded on the site already!

And, check back often as we’ll be uploading videos all day – all three days of the show!