ISE Special: VideoCast with ISE’s Mike Blackman Reveals Biggest ISE, Ever!

mblackman-0114I just spent 30 minutes or so on the phone with Mike Blackman, managing director at Integrated Systems Events, talking about the 2014 edition of the Integrated Systems Europe show and he filled me in on all the details for next month’s ISE show in Amsterdam, 4-6 Feb.

I recorded the entire interview via video and I hope you’ll consider watching it all as he talks about everything that’s new including three new conferences being held in conjunction with ISE; a new, faster entrance to the show; and new special exhibits and theaters. He also extends an invitation to a free opening reception. However, in case you have limited time and only want to hear about one subject or another, I have listed time codes for the interview so you can watch just the parts of the interview you want to watch!

I hope you enjoy it as we are excited to be an official publication partner of ISE. You can follow along with all our coverage here.

Here’s what we talked about and where (time code) each topic is covered:

  • Introduction and overview of what to expect of ISE 2014: Beginning of video
  • The Partner Events at ISE 2014 – including special events and conferences: 2:00
  • Two New Giant Demo and Education Theaters (one for ProAV and one for HomeAV): 8:00
  • A totally New Entrance to ISE 2014!!: 13:10
  • The state of the EMEA Economy: 17:35
  • The Free Opening Reception (with drinks and a magician) and the ISE 2014 Keynote Speaker: 24:12
  • How ISE Happens: 27:08
  • Brand New Exhibitors and the WOW Effect: 29:32
  • A Wrap-up and the Weather: 37:05
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Information on each ISE Conference:


All the ISE 2014 AV Megashow coverage is here.