ISE Launches ‘SeeHearTouch’ Charitable Program

Integrated Systems Europe launched a charitable program (called SeeHearTouch) to equip children’s hospitals with the latest in home-cinema and media technology and enhance the lives of terminally ill children.

Obviously ISE can’t tackle all of Europe simultaneously, but integrators (and vendors) who can identify children’s hospitals and offer to join in the outreach can possibly put their countries higher on list for consideration in the next phase.

“The inspiration for SeeHearTouch comes from the work that our sales manager, Ian Morrish, has done in the UK, bringing together manufacturers, distributors and custom installers to deliver home-theatre systems to children’s hospices that would otherwise not be able to afford them,” said Mike Blackman, managing director of Integrated Systems Events. “At our last meeting, ISE’s Board of Directors approved a proposal to develop this idea and take it a stage further, enabling us to allocate part of our revenue each year to subsidizing the work of industry stakeholders who undertake to design and install home theaters and media rooms in children’s hospices across the continent.”

Under the auspices of SeeHearTouch, Integrated Systems Events will reach out to umbrella groups representing children’s hospices in a number of European countries. ISE will also seek the support of manufacturers and distributors willing to donate equipment to each project, and that of integrators willing to undertake design and installation work. Part of the cost of that installation work will be met by SeeHearTouch.