Joel Rollins’ Observations of Day Two at ISE 2016

rsm-robot-0216Well, Day Two has gone really well, although like last year I am certain that my brand-new running shoes will be completely trashed by the end of the show. Seriously, folks, with 1,200+ exhibits in a dozen buildings, the last two years I have bought new sneakers to wear at the show, and thrown them away when I got home.

But, worn shoe leather aside, it has been a great day. Annabelle and I got a number of key interviews for you to look at. One of the best of the day was an interview with Edwin Lustig of Robot Security Systems here in Amsterdam. They are making, and renting out, robot security guards! When I think about every equipment loss I have had on show site, most were due to human foibles, and a robot doesn’t go outside for a smoke, doesn’t fall asleep, and can’t be bribed. Seriously, the video is worth looking at.

Then, I had a long talk with Steve Pryor, who has moved from running EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) at Cisco, to the same geographic region for Oblong, who make the Mezzanine info-sharing and conferencing software. I really wondered what he saw in that opportunity that would make him leave Cisco, and we had a long talk about the developing market. Check it out.

Another highlight was an opportunity to interview Kevin Kelly, president and CEO of Stampede, about the show and the announcement that they are beginning operations in Europe. He actually left Stampede’s HIGHLY popular Drone Arena (check it out here on the website) to chat with us about their operation. He is quite obviously enthusiastic about the European market, as you can see in his interview.

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Anyway, lots more to come…