Joel Rollins’ Observations of Day One at ISE 2016

panasonic-show-0216Today’s interviews:

Well, first of all, Annabelle and I had a chance yesterday evening, before the show opened, to interview Steve Montgomery of IHSE about their new distributed KVM technology, which allows secure access to keyboard, video and mouse over an encrypted network.

Today we first interviewed Steve Scorse of SiliconCore about their new high brightness .95mm pitch LED displays. Folks, these displays were so bright I think I got a suntan doing the interview, with an extremely fine dot pitch. We had a long talk about their development path and where he sees the market going – check out the video here.

As some of my readers may remember, I am always drawn to great examples of projection mapping, and there was a particularly good example in the Epson booth, using their new high brightness projectors. Readers, Epson looks to be poised to enter the staging arena in a big way with these new projectors. Check out their show in our video, as we shot the entire thing.

After watching the Epson show a couple of times, Annabelle and I wandered around the Collaboration area some more, and had a great interview with Maarten Benis of Legamaster, a Dutch company who is marketing a really neat 98” multi-touch screen. Check it out here…

Following that, we meandered over to the AVStumpfl booth for a great chat with Tobias Stumpfl, the CEO, about his company’s new products and direction. Tobias recently became CEO, although he is hardly inexperienced at the company (note the name), as he grew up in it. He had some fascinating insights on the industry and AVStumpfl’s development path.

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We finished up the first day by taping an amazing show at Panasonic with a live performer and three 80” displays mounted on industrial robots. It was like a cross between something from Cirque De Soleil and the Blue Man Group, with robots as a kicker… check it out!!

We also did a couple of great podcasts with Gary Kayye, and got his impressions of the show — as I said, it is hard to get Gary to sit down to record, as he maintains the busiest tradeshow schedule of anyone I have ever worked with, but because of that, his insights on the market are always worth listening to. Catch all the rAVe RADIO ISE 2016 podcasts here.