ISE Atmos Demo: Procella, Trinnov, Artnovion

rXxn39eTStockholm, Sweden and Amsterdam, Netherlands – January 23, 2017 – Procella Audio, manufacturer of high-performance high-definition speaker systems for home and professional cinema and music applications, announced its plans today for the Integrated Systems Expo show in Amsterdam. Bringing together the global leaders in their respective product categories, Procella and partners Trinnov Audio and Artnovion will construct a custom-designed cinema to showcase the most advanced immersive audio system at the show – a full 11.3.10 channel system capable of Dolby Atmos®, Auro-3D®, and DTS:X® playback.

“Once again, we are partnering with Trinnov Audio and Artnovion to present a true world-class home cinema immersive audio experience to a global audience of ISE show attendees,” stated Gerben Van Duyl, founding partner of Procella Audio. “All three firms have invested a great deal of time in advance to ensure that this year’s demo system will be truly exceptional, and we encourage all ISE attendees to experience what will undoubtedly be the most compelling audio presentation at the show.

To ensure a proper acoustical environment for a playback system of this level, the exhibition partners selected for its design one of Sweden’s leading acoustical designers, Ingemar Ohlsson of Audio Data Lab in Stockholm. Ohlsson was assisted by the engineering team of Artnovion, who also designed and provided the room’s acoustical treatments. To complete the presentation, brilliant and razor sharp 4K UHD images will be provided by SIM2’s new NERO4 projector.

Thanks to the number of high-performance Procella loudspeakers used and the high spatial resolution provided by the superior rendering capabilities of the Trinnov Altitude32, this system’s performance rivals the immersive qualities of the finest cinemas and dubbing stages. Conventional Atmos processors are limited to rendering only 12 discrete playback channel, while the Altitude32 is capable of up to 32 discrete channels. In the ISE system, 22 playback channels and a total of 24 Procella loudspeakers will be used, including L/C/Rs, three front height channels, two wide channels, seven ceiling-mounted height speakers, six surrounds, and four subwoofers.

Making its ISE debut is the massive dual-18 inch V18 Bass Engine subwoofer, capable of producing an astonishing continuous output of 137 dB. It’s 100Kg sealed-box enclosure utilizes Procella’s unique V-Loaded configuration to produce driver coupling and high compression loading for lower distortion and improved transient response. Additional P15 subwoofers will be used for balancing.

Baffle-wall mounted Procella P815 speakers will be used for the left, center and right channels, powered by Procella DA-06DSP power amplifiers. Three P8s, driven by Procella DA-05DSP amps, will be used for the high left, center, and right channels. Trinnov Amplitude8 power amps will drive the P6V wide channels, six P6 surrounds, and 7 P5 height channels.

Participating in the show for Procella are partners Anders Uggelberg, Chuck Back, and Gerben Van Duyl, who will be joined by the newest member of the Procella team. Jan Anderson. The show runs from Tuesday, February 7 through Friday, February 10.