ISE 2021: Mark Reynolds, Senior Director EMEA for SnapAV + Control4, Discusses COVID-19 Impacts

Mark Reynolds, senior director EMEA of SnapAV + Control4, chatted with Gordon Dutch. The companies merged in August of 2019. View it below:

Products discussed:

18 months ago, SnapAV and Control4 merged to create a one-stop shop for anchoring on their two technology platforms (OvrC and OS 3). Integrators can manage an entire house remotely using OvrC and the Control4 Ecosystem as well. SnapAV is also buying distributors all around the U.S. Other product brands mentioned were Araknis, Episode Speakers, Triad Speakers, Binary Media Distribution and more. The two technology platforms are working on combining their brands to continue to move forward as one business. SnapAV and Control4 were luckily not impacted negatively by the pandemic because people began to work from home. With a focus on home tech products due to Covid, Reynolds is cautiously optimistic about this market.