ISE 2021: Gordon Dutch Tours WolfVision Stand With Jonathan Owen to See Active Learning Solution

Gordon Dutch, a London-based AV consultant spoke with Jonathan Owen, the solutions architect from WolfVision.

Products discussed:

The Active Learning Solution has been used in higher education to create dynamic learning environments as students return to campus. This is also popular in hybrid courtrooms. This product can integrate with Teams and Zoom for larger participation and hybrid meetings. This product can distribute IP streams between the stations and users can easily monitor each active environment. The VZ-8. UHD Visualizer is integrated through the Active Learning Solution (or alone) and can be used in Teams or Zoom. Cynap Core Pro has an HDMI input and is compatible with other Cynap devices. It is compatible with other sign up units by WolfVision. The Cynap product has already picked up a few awards. WolfVision is benefitting from the hybrid model of learning and business that has begun since Covid.