ISE 2021: Gordon Dutch Talks PanaCast Hybrid Meeting Products with James Spencer of Jabra

AV consultant Gordon Dutch od Re-sauce spoke with James Spencer, director of business development EMEA North, Jabra, at ISE 2021 in London. View their discussion below:

Products discussed:

The Panacast 50 is the world’s first new normal intelligent plug-and-play 4K video and soundbar. There is an integrated whiteboard camera on the unit for area focus or to display the full room. It has a full 180-degree field of view. The video bar captures data as well, such as counting persons in the meeting space. The PanaCast 50 is designed to make everyone feel like they are fully integrated and part of the meeting. The PanaCast 20 is a personal home camera designed for home and hybrid meetings.

“We’re really trying to bridge that gap between the office space and making people feel included at home,” James said.

James mentioned the increased demand for home working equipment helped Jabra through Covid-19. The demand for the headphones in particular was extremely high. Hybrid work tools are still in demand as many people will continue working from home. James has been able to do custom visits and meetings recently for client redesigns of their home offices. He is excited to be at ISE 2021 in-person and was able to do an on-stage presentation about the PanaCast products.