ISE 2021: Gordon Dutch Makes ISE Detour, Catches HYPERVSN 3D Visuals, Media Wall

Sam Chagin of Hypervsn chatted with Gordon Dutch, a London-based AV consultant at ISE 2021. Gordon visited Hypervsn’s office, located close to ISE.  View the video below:

Products discussed:

This is the future of digital signage for brands in retail because Hypervsn produces 3D visuals which transports people into a new experience. Blades with LED lights inside the Hypervsn technology rotate at 670 RPMs! There are a few ways that Hypervsn makes their products interactive, such as the Human Hologram – a Holographic Assistant, if you will. This works with the use of motion sensors and connected microphones for a more realistic experience. The Human Hologram is the start of human conferencing, a great look into the future!