ISE 2014 Opening Keynote Address: The Internet of ‘Things’

dirk-schlesinger-1213By Chandler Leik
rAVe Staffer

Dirk Schlesinger, the global lead for manufacturing industries of Cisco Consulting Services, delivered the Opening Keynote Address of ISE 2014 on Mon., 3 Feb. 2014 at 6:00 p.m. His speech revolved around “Kick-Starting the Market for Building Automation.”

Managing Director of ISE Mike Blackman prefaced Schlesinger’s speech saying it was an ISE “exclusive” focused on connecting people with technology.

Schlesinger introduced the buzz phrase, “Internet of (Every)Thing,” followed by an in-depth examination of bringing together the technical world with the physical. He proposed that “amazing things” will happen when we connect the unconnected, starting with the innovative concept of ‘smart’ buildings.

Schlesinger acknowledged the hefty price tag of transforming buildings into ‘smart-buildings,’ but provided research findings to support the financial and personal benefits of connecting technology with physical reality. The big idea was not the technology, but the enabling platform that needs to be created in order to enable smart-buildings and homes; ultimately agreed upon by major, cooperative companies to join in an “ecosystem” approach.

While this innovative idea of cooperation between companies is on a global scale, Schlesinger noted it “clearly” isn’t an initiative behind only one language. In order to succeed, global companies that specialize in different audio-visual technologies will need to come together and provide a multi-service platform.

Schlesinger proposes that ‘smart’ technology will offer a common standard for data exchange across cross-domains and transform the way we live. The Opening Keynote Address at ISE 2014 was followed by a reception in which attendees expressed anticipation for the upcoming ISE exhibition.