ISE 2013 to Host MegaPixel Summit

Chris Chinnock Insight Media 1012

Chris-Chinnock---Insight-Media-1012Integrated Systems Europe is today announcing the launch of the MegaPixel Summit, which will be co-located with the ISE show. To be held at the Amsterdam RAI over Jan. 28 and 29, 2013, the Summit will be produced by the market research, publishing and consulting firm Insight Media.

“Over the past couple of years, we have seen a substantial increase in the number of ISE exhibitors offering display solutions that are above full HD resolution,” said Mike Blackman, managing director of Integrated Systems Events. “The potential of these technologies is enormous, but these are complex systems and many industry professionals are enduring a steep learning-curve while implementing them.

“By hosting the MegaPixel Summit at ISE 2013, we hope to create a forum in which the challenges arising from creating large-scale, multiple-component displays are addressed by a mix of different stakeholders: manufacturers, distributors, integrators, rental companies and end customers.”

Chris Chinnock, founder and president, Insight Media, says the Summit will focus on the three elements of what he calls the ‘Pixel Pipeline’ ecosystem that defines a typical MegaPixel solution: Pixel Generation, Pixel Processing and Pixel Display.

“From the CPUs and GPUs that generate the images, to the software and hardware that processes, warps, blends and distributes them, and then on to the various proejction and display technologies that can be used to show them – the MegaPixel Summit will cover every link in the chain,” adds Chinnock.

The MegaPixel Summit will be divided into three sessions. The first two, on the morning and afternoon of Jan. 28 respectively, will focus on Technology, Products and Trends. The third, taking place on the morning of Jan. 29 (the first day of ISE 2013) will offer case-study examples of successful MegaPixel system integration.

Each session will comprise five 30-minute segments, and delegates may choose to attend one, two or three sessions. Individual session costs will decrease according to the number of sessions booked. One session will cost 200 euro, two will cost 350 euro, while all three can be had for 450 euro.

Delegate pre-registration for the MegaPixel Summit will go live on the ISE website Nov. 1, 2012. Additional information about the Summit, including detailed session descriptions and sponsorship opportunites, can be viewed here.