The Trade Show Minute — Episode 103: Kris Gamble With Liveinstall


Victoria wrapped up ISE with LiveInstall Founder, Kris Gamble – he designs AV smart homes in the UK. He talks technology as well as one of the AV industry’s most popular hashtags – do you use it? What is it? Listen and you’ll know! Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: RSS

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The Trade Show Minute — Episode 100: Robert Bishop of Miravue Explains AV over IP


Victoria caught up with Robert Bishop of Miravue at ISE and he’s a great guest – opinionated, technical and understands the future of AV (over IP). Although this is a longish podcast, it was recorded LIVE on the ISE show floor and you totally get a sense of how incredibly talented and smart Robert is. […]

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The Trade Show Minute — Episode 99: Domotz Explains the More Technology Becomes Invisible in the Home, the Harder It Is To Understand When Things Go Wrong and Where in IT


Join Domenico Crapanzano and Victoria Barela as they discuss overcoming the struggles of troubleshooting technology that starts to become invisible in the install. With Domotz free Fing app, it will allow you to scan the network to pinpoint where the trouble stands beyond the wires. This year Domotz announces partnership with D-Tools and uses ISE […]

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The Trade Show Minute — Episode 98: RedX Discusses Low Key Introduction of SSA Amplifier Technology at ISE


Ian Scott and Victoria Barela talk about RedX launching the SSA Amplifier to retrieve market feedback at ISE 2017. The big product launch will be at InfoComm 2017. The SSA Amplifier restores the original quality of the tube amplifier but maintains the energy efficiency of a class D amplifier. If you were not able to […]

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The Trade Show Minute — Episode 97: Torus Power Discusses Excitement About Meeting Their International Distributors at ISE 2017


Tune in as Kevin Main and Victoria Barela talk about new products shown at ISE, such as isolation transformers as well as voltage regulation technology. Torus Power holds meetings in booth to welcome international distributors and discuss the high interest shown in custom integration projects in Europe. To learn more about Torus Power products, visit […]

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The Trade Show Minute — Episode 96: QSC Systems Announces First to “Crack the Code” of Running Audio, Video, Control in Real-Time Processing with Off-the-Shelf Dell Server


Join TJ Adams and Victoria Barela as they talk about new announcements made for QSC in 2017. At the booth, presentations and courses are offered. TJ gives a tip to the newbies entering the AV industry, encourages friendships with IT and AV members, and applauds young women entering technology and engineering world. For more details […]

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The Trade Show Minute — Episode 95: Vijita U.G. with Stewart Filmscreen Celebrates 70 Years of Company at ISE 2017


Vijita U.G. and Victoria Barela discuss the ISE 2017 experience of the show floor. During her stay, Vijita enjoys not getting run over by Amsterdam bikers, being a part of the I-Don’t-Feel-My-Feet-ISE club, and being a “sophomore” at the trade show. With celebratory plans at InfoComm for Stewart Filmscreen, the booth is filled with attendees […]

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The Trade Show Minute — Episode 94: OneAV Tells Us the Experience from the Exhibitor Point Of View


Join as Daniel Adams and Victoria Barela discuss ISE’s various trends this year, one being AV over IP products booming. OneAV offers training on products and comes together with partners to create the best AV solution fit for the customer. This year, Daniel was able to explore the show floor and tell us about being […]

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The Trade Show Minute — Episode 93: Qbic Technology Proudly Discusses Company’s iF Design Award for TD-1050


Tune in as Deric Wang and Victoria Barela talk about company’s successful first year at ISE 2017. Qbic Technology designs for room scheduling applications and work closely to provide API’s to partners in order to integrate their software with Qbic Technology’s hardware. Working closely with software developers, a complete AV solution can be formed. Visit […]

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The Trade Show Minute — Episode 92: Bosch Security Systems Discusses Involvement with ISE 2017 Over the Years


Ruud Michiels and Victoria Barela talk about the company’s solutions offered at the show such as security and communications systems. Products are offered for the conference systems, public address, and professional sound. Bosch Security Systems has been involved with the ISE show from the beginning and continues to offer training courses not only for their […]

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The Trade Show Minute — Episode 91: Huddly Inc. Launches Huddly GO at ISE 2017


Tune in as Fraser Park and Victoria Barela discuss how the Norwegian technology company launches Huddly GO at ISE 2017. Huddly provides the intelligent video processing platform for meeting spaces. Fraser talks about the company’s experience at ISE and its partnership with NEC’s InfinityBoards. Visit for more information. Podcast: Play in new window | […]

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The Trade Show Minute — Episode 90: Vin Bruno with CEDIA and Gary Kayye Discuss Successful Growth of CEDIA within ISE


Join as the trio Vin Bruno, Gary Kayye, and Victoria Barela talk about Integrated Systems Europe 2017’s motivating management team made up of Vin Bruno with CEDIA, Dave Labuskes with InfoComm, and Michael Blackman of ISE. The pressures of the trade show life is revealed and recent strategic moves are explained revolving around the CEDIA […]

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The Trade Show Minute — Episode 89: K-array Expresses Excitement from Attendees Over Flexible Anakonda Speaker


Tune in as Daniele Mochi and Victoria Barela rAVe about K-array’s new full range compact speaker, the KEF 26. This Italian manufacturer provides a great solution for subwoofer restrictions and KEF 26 is weather proof. K-array not only has crowds swarming over to see the new products, but attracts attendees with older speakers with fun […]

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The Trade Show Minute — Episode 88: ZeeVee Describes Educational Opportunities For Delivering AV Over IP


Chris Scurto and Victoria Barela discuss IP products offered by ZeeVee. Primarily for the commercial market, solutions include moving video across platforms seamlessly. ZeeVee strongly believes in education for the AV community, and releases a brand new IP course certified with InfoComm. To check out products and courses with ZeeVee, go to Podcast: Play […]

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The Trade Show Minute — Episode 87: Global Cache Explains WiFi and IP Enabled Solutions Perfect for Retro-Fits and New-Builts


Tune in as Robin Ford and Victoria Barela talk about the excitement of their favorite trade show. Global Cache provides the hardware to enable WiFi, TCP, and IP enabled products to work with AV solutions of your choice. Fantastic for retro-fits and new-builts. To check out Global Cache’s services and solutions, go to Podcast: […]

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The Trade Show Minute — Episode 86: BlackTrax Highlights the Real-Time Tracking Technology Used to Integrate Multi-System Attention-Grabbing Show in Booth at ISE 2017


Andrew Gordon and Victoria Barela discuss the great success of ISE 2017 as BlackTrax partners with Panasonic to present an attention-grabbing show. Using BlackTrax technology, the booth was able to integrate Airstage drones, Painting with Light’s video and audio content, Notch’s real-time content and effects, as well as the use of media servers provided by […]

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The Trade Show Minute — Episode 85: Easy and Professional Software Tool: D-Tools System Integrator


Catch Tim Bigoness and Victoria Barela as they discuss D-Tools‘ experience at ISE 2017. At the booth, the company works with a number of partners that compliment the automated home, such as with furniture, audio, and screen companies, in order to demonstrate how the new D-Tools System Integrator software works with their products. The software […]

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The Trade Show Minute — Episode 84: Hans Stucken with AV Stumpfl Emphasizes Great Customer Feedback of Products At The ISE Show


Hans Stucken and Victoria Barela discuss products that are shining in the booth this year. The Wings Engine Raw allows for uncompressed 8K data used a lot in the automotive market. Hans also highlights the newest projection screens being showed off at the show. Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: RSS

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The Trade Show Minute — Episode 83: Lukasz Roj with Zamel Introduce AV Home Solutions at ISE 2017


Tune in as Lukasz Roj and Victoria Barela discuss the company’s first experience as exhibitors at ISE 2017. With a prime location on the show floor, Zamel receives great foot traffic and opportunities to network with new customers. Visit to check out products such as bells, intercom systems, wireless calling solutions, wireless alarms, and […]

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The Trade Show Minute — Episode 82: Chuck Espinoza Caught On-The-Go


Tune in as Chuck Espinoza informs Victoria Barela on the success of the Flash Track Sessions this year at ISE 2017. InfoComm International Flash Track booth is located in a prime spot for attendees to take a quick break from walking and listen in on informative and free drop-in classes, even for a busy rAVePubs […]

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The Trade Show Minute — Episode 80: Babs Moore with Amina Technologies Encourages Architects and Interior Designers to Integrate into the AV Industry


Babs Moore and Victoria Barela discuss a brand new product family, Amina Edge Series, with a distinct panel material which allows for bass extension down to 45 Hz. The loudspeakers reproduce an additional 6dB more efficiency. Amina Technologies offers CPD (Continued Professional Development) seminars available to register online. The RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) […]

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The Trade Show Minute — Episode 79: Justin Kennington with SDVoE Alliance Drives to Spread Awareness in AV Industry


Justin Kennington and Victoria Barela discuss newly founded alliance by AptoVision, AQuantia, Christie, Netgear, Sony, and ZeeVee and its expectations. The goal is to educate the industry of Software Defined Video over Ethernet technology and teach people to enjoy all benefits of AV over IP without having to make compromises in video performance. The alliance, […]

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The Trade Show Minute — Episode 78: Ron Rouse with Wisdom Audio Offer Architecturally and Interior Designer Friendly Loudspeakers


Ron Rouse and Victoria Barela discuss what Wisdom Audio has to offer during ISE 2017. Demos include various solutions for the smaller media rooms in contrast to their typical larger space theater solutions. Using planar and line source technology, new products also include slender yet powerful audio systems for the residential market that are architecturally […]

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The Trade Show Minute — Episode 77: Lilian Bories with Oblong Industries Proudly Details the Birth of the Company


Lilian Bories and Victoria Barela discuss the birth of Oblong through Minority Report. Lilian steps us through the journey starting with CEO and founder John Underkoffler receiving a call from Stephen Spielberg asking to portray what the computer world will look like 50 years from now. Luckily this was not a screen and keyboard, but […]

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The Trade Show Minute — Episode 76: Paul Gunia with Shure Illuminates Educational Opportunities at ISE


Paul Gunia and Victoria Barela discuss presentations happening at ISE. Shure demonstrates Intellimix P300, a new audio conferencing processor, along side Microflex Advance Conference Room Microphones. Another demonstration being offered at Shure is the Application Thinking workshop which goes over which Shure microphones to use in certain applications. Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: […]

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The Trade Show Minute — Episode 74: Logitech Discusses AV Industry Moving Away From Hardware to Software Codecs That Will Need High Quality Peripherals Such As The BRIO


Simon Dudley of Logitech and Victoria Barela discuss his new role in the company as Director of Project Strategy. Logitech is showing off the BRIO and say they have brought the chicken AND the egg of innovative software upgradable web camera. ​ Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: RSS

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The Trade Show Minute — Episode 73: Brett Stokke with RTI Proudly Details Celebratory Events of 25 Year Company Anniversary


Brett Stokke and Victoria Barela discuss company’s 25 year celebration of being awesome. RTI not only shows off brand new finishes and flavors of remote controls for anniversary, but welcomes brand new CEO, Ed McConaghay. Stop by the booth to say hi and check out the multi-lingual training being offered in German, French, Polish, Italian, […]

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The Trade Show Minute — Episode 72: Aviv Ron with Kramer Proudly Showcases Award Winning Products at ISE 2017


Tune in as Aviv Ron and Victoria Barela speak about award winning Product of the Year solutions in the booth. Stop by at Kramer to not only check out the industry leading products but to have an in-depth geek out over technology on the second floor. Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: RSS

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