Christie Adds Intuitive Touch and Affordable Commercial-Grade 1080p Panels


Christie’s new 65-inch flat panel digital display debuted at the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) show in Amsterdam today. The affordably priced, LED edge-lit Christie FHD651-T (with up to four simultaneous touches using infrared touch technology) and Christie FHD651-P both have a thin profile — just 2.7-inches deep for the touch (T) and 2.1-inches deep for […]

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Atlas A-Line Speakers Available in Europe


Atlas Sound’s family of line array speakers sold and marketed under the Atlas A-line Acoustics brand have made their European debut. Atlas A-Line Acoustics has developed a line of products ideally suited for a diverse variety of venues including arenas, amphitheaters, parks, nightclubs and houses of worship. The company holds multiple patents, including the EZAL […]

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