Is Your 401k HDCP Compliant?

I have discovered a new way to keep my employees from talking to clients in intimidating AV jargon.

It’s easy – just send them to open a retirement account.

I did this yesterday, and realized that they talk just like we do – and it is an eye-opener.

“Good afternoon, Mr. Rollins. I understand you are interested in opening a retirement plan with us. Have you looked at our 401k options? I think our MM2 plan may interest you, it’s more liquid than our 599 series Roth and would replace your RRSP. It would also facilitate donations to your 501c3, plus it accommodates ETFs, and FDIC-insured CDs.”

Compare this to:

“So, Mr. Smith – I’ve looked at your conference room, and I think it’s time you updated the transmission system from VGA to HDMI. Of course, it’s important to stay HDCP compliant, and those old DAs will have to go, because they wont pass EDID information. While we’re at it, we need to update the 802.11 gateways to 802.11N for the IP control system. Tell me, is your router DHCP?”

Maybe I’ll just retire… if I can figure out how…