Is OLED About to Trump LCD?

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Image courtesy of The Futurist.

I have a half dozen LCD TVs around my house. We have at least 40 LCDs in our office. However, I’ve always wanted an OLED. But, I haven’t been willing to invest — even though I am an image snob. Honestly, I’ve been really happy with the QLED from Samsung.

But, let’s be real — the black is still gray, which means the white is gray too.

My home theater has an SXRD from Sony and my kids have portable DLPs from Vivitek; they love them. They’re little Qumiss and they can project on anything (at like 400 lumens) and have Netflix and Hulu built-in.

However, I’ve been obsessed with the OLED ever since I saw the first one in LG’s booth back in 2016 at the Integrate Show in Australia.

I am likely about to buy my first OLED in a matter of weeks. My decision won’t be which LG to buy, though even Samsung is about to launch OLED. What? Yep, you read that right. This month, Samsung allegedly agreed to buy something like 5 million OLED panels from LG over the next 18 months. That will yield three to four times as many displays, too. If the deal holds true, you can expect to see Samsung commercial and residential OLED by the end of the summer.

In the meantime, I am looking forward to getting outside! So, my sights on a new TV will await the colder months of the fall, and this will give LG and Samsung time to become buddies. Oh, where’d you think Sony got their OLEDs? Really? You thought Sony made their own?

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Panasonic too? Surely not …