Is Now a Good Time for Digital Signage?


By: Lillyan Wamaitha
Marketing Manager, Mvix

With the coronavirus pandemic, every business owner is a bundle of nerves and uncertain about what the future holds. There is already a lot of damage across all sectors. Shops are closed, business plans are turned upside down and customers are left with only a fraction of their initial purchasing power.

If you were planning to invest in digital signage for your business or place of work, you might be wondering whether you should put that idea on pause.

The short answer is, don’t. If there is anything that the world needs more right now, it is information. Digital signage helps to broadcast that information in a timely manner. It’s proving to be a crucial tool for safety and top of mind awareness.

Below are three compelling reasons why now is a good time to invest in digital signage.

1. Promote Safety

Businesses must emphasize the importance of everyday preventive measures against COVID-19. Simple reminders like hand washing and social distancing in the workplace can significantly contribute to better employee health, guaranteed uptime and productivity. As businesses gradually reopen, digital signage helps to get across such messages in engaging and hard-to-ignore formats. You can leverage animations, video or textual content that offers guidance on handwashing at entry points. Digital signage can likewise be installed near workstations to remind folks about the 6 feet social distancing and face mask rules. The automated scheduling of content which is enabled by digital signage software ensures that the message gets home every time, 24-7-365. Given that the use of dynamic content on digital signage increases retention rate by 83%, one can say that these installations are a must-have in times like this.

Digital signage also enables contactless communication. Preventing COVID-19 spread involves reduced contact with surfaces. The use of digital menu boards can help restaurants reopen with confidence – customers will not worry about contracting the virus from hand-held paper menus. The right digital signage message can also be a key driver of business now and in the post-pandemic world. The digital sphere has asserted itself as the new modality of business, from telehealth to remote learning. In that regard, outdoor digital signage or window-facing signs can serve to direct people to access your services online and minimize physical contact.

2. Build Morale

Now, more than ever, employees, customers, students and patients want to be updated on service disruptions. They want to know what their institutions or service providers are doing to minimize the impact of the crisis and keep things running. Inadequate dissemination of information at this time can only serve to fuel fear and reduced productivity. A BBC article reported that 62% of people are more worried about their work and plans being affected by the COVID 19 pandemic, compared to 24% who are concerned about their health. These numbers point to the critical need to provide information that can calm and reassure people.

Company HR can leverage the high audience engagement levels of digital signage to disclose the company’s plan to recovery and adjustments to standard operating procedures. Digital signage provides a reliable avenue to inform staff about the new health monitoring systems implemented and remote working schedules for employees from hard-hit areas. Brands can use videos, music and even pictures to soothe worried customers on their premises and show solidarity. A simple message like “we care, or “apart but not alone,” may renew customer love and confidence in your brand.

3. Reinforce Habits

Everyone now wants to know what the future holds. They want to know the’ back to work’ formula, ‘back to life plans’ and news on re-openings. And given that 63% of Americans prefer digital news sources, it’s likely that more people are going to be looking at digital signage at this time. That’s a culture that is easily sustainable going into the future, as will be the case for remote working and online shopping. People will develop a habit of looking up at signage for information. The eye-catching, interactive and multi-channel nature of this communication platform may help to double ROI by improving sales, subscriptions and event attendance.

So should you invest in digital signage during a pandemic?

Sales, attendance and life, in general, might be at rock bottom right now, but the right post-pandemic strategy can help with a speedy rebound. Communication should be the first thing in your game plan. Digital signage helps by providing a platform to remind, reassure, engage and announce important information that is critical for reopening.


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