iRoom Implements Apple HomeKit Technology into iPad Docking Stations

Origin Acoustics has announced Apple HomeKit implementation into the iRoom iPad Docking Stations.

Origin Acoustics says that iRoom is one of the few Apple-certified manufacturers of iPad and iPhone accessories. The certified charging electronics and connectors ensure reliable charging of the iPad and protects it from current peaks.

The models iBezel and iTop come with a built-in control processor and touch control keypad on the glass faceplate that allows for direct control of devices such as lights, volume or selection of audio/video sources.

Apple HomeKit brings together all smart devices in one single app. Integration of HomeKit technology into iRoom’s docking stations takes it one step further. It allows for control of HomeKit compatible devices through iBezel’s or iTop’s touch buttons in addition to iPad control via the Apple Home app. This adds convenience to a control environment by providing immediate access to often used functions such as lights, blinds, source select or volume control without the hassle of unlocking the iPad screen, opening the Home app and finding the right control.

iRoom foresees the implementation of HomeKit for the second quarter 2018. Here are the details.