iRoom Announces Drivers for Creston and Elan Systems


iRoom announced drivers for Crestron and Elan that allow integrators to use both Crestron and Elan systems with a wired control keypad next to the iPad. The iPad does not have to be present in the docking station to perform control.

The iRoom iO in-wall, on-wall and tabletop iPad Docking Stations are an addition to any control installation where the iPad is used as a control device for the control system. The Quick Keys are incorporated in the glass bezel of the docking station and can trigger control functions in all major third-party control systems, independent of the iPad.

The Crestron driver is available in Crestron’s online driver database or can be accessed directly when programming a Crestron Home system. The Elan driver can be downloaded from the iRoom website.

iRoom iO offers Control Drivers for AMX, bitwise, Compass Control, Control4, Crestron, Crestron Home, Elan, Extron, GIRA HomeServer, iRidium Mobile, Kramer, Loxone, Neets, NetX Automation, RTI, Savant and URC. Features include:

  • Extend Crestron Home or ELAN System with a stylish iPad docking station
  • Connect to the Crestron or ELAN system via the local IP network
  • Use Quick Keys to trigger control functions in the Crestron or Elan system
  • A wired control connection
  • Protect the iPad against theft in semi-public or public spaces such lobbies, bar and restaurants