iPoint Control Adds Slack Integration

iPoint_Slack-0716iPoint today announced that iPoint Control, its business automation tool, is fully integrated with Slack, a messaging app for teams. With Slack, iPoint Control team users can send messages to individuals or groups of people through channels, replacing email as the team communications tool with an integrated, simple chat function that disseminates critical business messages and information more efficiently. Slack is available on all devices including Windows, Mac, iOS, Apple Watch, Android, and any web browser.

iPoint is a powerful notification engine that provides trigger-based notifications as users interact with the system. It is designed to streamline many functions into a single platform, including CRM, proposals, sales orders, change orders, invoicing, payment management, purchasing, inventory control, project management, scheduling, parts and time tracking, payroll, and more. Previously, the system notifications were sent to email. Now, with Slack fully integrated into iPoint Control, users have a dedicated notification system accessible from any device, ensuring every iPoint communication is received without adding more messages to an already full inbox and slowing down productivity.

With Slack, any team member can be added and create channels, allowing them to subscribe multiple team members to a single communication channel. iPoint sends notifications to the Slack users and channels in place of email accounts. With messaging in one place, Slack extends iPoint Control’s simplicity and versatility to become a comprehensive business operations tool for any scenario. For example, users can:

  • Create a “Sales Team” channel in Slack. Any time a proposal is accepted, iPoint can send a notification to that channel, motivating all sales team members by alerting them to the closing of another sale.
  • Create a “Project Management” channel. Any time a sales order is paid, iPoint can send a notification to that channel, reminding project managers to review their schedules.
  • Automate individual notifications sent from iPoint to the company technician user in Slack when a new work order is assigned to that technician. All of that technician’s notifications are saved and indexed, bypassing email and increasing efficiencies and productivity.
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More information about iPoint and the iPoint Control platform is available here.