iPoint Augments Offline Mode With New Update

MARCO ISLAND, Fla. — Aug. 10, 2017 — iPoint LLC, a full-service business management software provider serving the home technology market, today announced updates to its award-winning iPoint Control. The business automation platform now features an expanded offline mode for proposals, further boosting productivity and profit across the user’s business.

The offline mode for proposals enables the sales team to continue working on existing proposals and create new proposals without an internet connection. This enables them to be as efficient as possible even when they’re on an airplane or out in the field and unable to access a stable internet connection.

“Moving at the speed of business is critical in the ultracompetitive audio-visual world, where delays in information can cause critical failures,” said Brian Good, vice president of sales and marketing at iPoint. “With this new offline capability for proposals, iPoint Control allows users to ‘check out’ an existing proposal from the server and update the products, change the descriptions and pricing, and more without worrying about the internet connection slowing down the process. From now on, even if a user has poor web service, they maintain the ability to continue pushing a job toward completion.”

Sales team members are now able to check out” proposals, preventing any redundancies. The unique “check out” functionality allows users to create edits to a proposal without the concern of other team members working on the proposal at the same time. “Check out” locks the proposal to the individual that checked it out, and once service is available again, a simple field sync pushes any edits directly back to the server as well as downloads any changes from the server.

More information about iPoint and the iPoint Control platform is available at www.iPointSolutions.net.