iPhone4 Brings Video Chat to the Masses, But Will They Use It?

iPhone FaceTime 0610

iPhone-FaceTime-0610We waited decades. Now will Apple’s new iPhone4 be the catalyst that sparks video chat for the masses? Apple will sell millions of the latest iPhone and it features a technology called FaceTime. FaceTime addresses many of video chat’s shortcomings – for example, it’s easy to use – but it’s limited, too.  First of all, you and the person you are calling both need a FaceTime-compatible device. (OK, right now, that means iPhone 4, but Skype, Google and other companies COULD build FaceTime technology into their Apps.)   You start a video call by simply pressing a FaceTime button. Once the other person accepts, the video call starts.   You don’t need to download any special software. You don’t need to guess whether your friends are using the same video chat service. And you don’t have to worry about having an online alias.   FaceTime is far more flexible than PC-based video-chat services or POTS landline videophones. You can use it anywhere in the home… as long as you have Wi-Fi. It will work only over Wi-Fi – not 3G or 4G. We’ll see…

To learn more about FaceTime, go to:  http://www.apple.com/iphone/features/facetime.html