Introducing Torus Power TOT Max At CES 2014

torus23At next week’s Consumer Electronics Show we’ll be unveiling the newest addition to the Torus Power TOT Series of toroidal isolation power conditioners – TOT Max 15A.

The new Torus Power TOT Mini and TOT Max are the most affordable models in the Torus line.

TOT is an ultra compact stand-alone power conditioner with a unique angled chassis profile that enables rack, desktop, or in-wall mounting. Delivering convenient, point-of-use power conditioning that dramatically improves the performance of audio, video and control systems for a wide variety of applications, TOT is now available with either 7A or 15A configurations for the US market and a 3A and 8A models for International use.

The TOT Series employs Plitron’s NBT noise filtering technology to restore incoming power to its clean original state, protecting valuable systems from voltage sags, brownouts and surges. Plitron toroidal isolation transformers provide triple shielding for ultimate noise attenuation and isolation from increasingly polluted power lines, which delivers high quality sound and picture regardless of ever-changing line conditions.

TOT also provides very low source impedance to connected devices and enables high current delivery – up to the rated current limit – on an instantaneous basis; ensuring dynamic components are never starved for power. Connect audio equipment to a Torus TOT Series power conditioner and it comes alive with better dynamics, improved imaging and cleaner enhanced bass. Connect video equipment, and see notably crisper images with brighter colors and darker blacks.

Visit Torus Power at the Venetian Towers

Visit Torus Power during CES at the Venetian Towers in suite #34-210, January 7-10, 2014for a demonstration of this compact, yet powerful new lineup of toroidal isolation power conditioners for a variety of uses.

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