ABOUT rAVe [Publications]

rAVe [Publications] is the leading news organization within the audiovisual industry, and has been for more than 15 years. What is the audiovisual (AV) industry? It’s the industry that designs, installs and maintains all the audio and video systems you see out in the world — everything from the displays at airports that let you know where you’re going to fancy collaborative classrooms at UNC to videoconferencing systems to projectors in movie theaters to the huge laser light displays you see at Disney World. The industry IS pretty technical, but it can also be really interesting to see how some spectacular and complicated systems come together and how technical problems are solved. We know you probably don’t know much about the AV industry or very much about the technology — and that’s totally OK. We train you in everything you need to know. What we’re looking for a more a type of personality and type of work ethic than any specific knowledge related to the industry, or even journalism.

So how does rAVe cover the AV industry? We’re all digital (no print publication here!), so we have a heavily-trafficked website, popular email newsletters, as well as the industry’s most expansive social media coverage. We also do a lot with video, and specifically, with event coverage, which is where you come in! The AV industry a small, niche industry that’s spread all around the world, so trade shows are very popular and important, since they bring everyone together. Most product announcements and introductions are centered around big AV trade shows.

rAVe’s unique live event trade show coverage is a very important and unique part of our business. We call it rAVe [NOW]. rAVe [NOW] consists of our unique video coverage (we shoot a video of every product on the show floor!), live social media coverage, live blogs, podcasts, live interviews and more! These are all put in one centralized location on our website so it is possible to virtually “attend” a show while it’s going on, right from your computer or mobile device.

What rAVe [NOW] Does at Shows


rAVe's unique video coverage of a show incorporates full coverage of the show floor, and the products being featured. rAVe shoots a 1-2 minute product video of each product at a show and then uploads all of those videos (ranging anywhere between 1,500 and 2,500 videos depending on the show) to the dedicated MicroSite for the show. The videos are titled on the basis of the the company, the product and a description of the product. 


THE GAME, played exclusively at InfoComm shows, is a unique and fun way to engage both rAVe's readership and show attendees at InfoComm. THE GAME 2018 was PLINKO and rAVe used two huge PLINKO boards to keep attendees engaged and to give them the opportunity to win cool prizes! THE GAME is played on the show floor at scheduled times/locations throughout the day and all day in rAVe's booth.

Social Media & Written Content

rAVe is THE BEST at social media coverage at an audiovisual trade show. Whether we are listening and engaging on Twitter, keep readers entertained via Instagram Story, or sharing high-level news on Facebook and LinkedIn, rAVe leads the social conversation time and time again during our rAVe [NOW] coverage. 


What YOU Can Expect
  • Valuable experience in live event trade show coverage
  • "Backpack journalism" experience
  • Lead generation experience 
  • Social media marketing experience
  • Written content opportunities
  • To work hard but be rewarded 
  • A competitive salary
  • An expenses-paid business trip to the location of the show
What WE Expect
  • A commitment to the entire length of the show 
  • Dedication to working full days (sometimes 9-10 hours) 
  • A positive attitude
  • Open communication
  • Professionalism in every facet 
  • Completion of a pre-show training
  • Your best work ethic
  • You to have FUN


Even if you are unsure if the internship is a fit for you, please apply so we can chat more in detail about requirements and the experience!