Integrations with MacOS and iOS Applications Expand UltraSync BLUE Ecosystem

Working with macOS software expert Softron and established iOS app developer PureBlend Software, Timecode Systems has extended the footprint of its UltraSync BLUE solution by adding the power of its timecode-over-Bluetooth technology to multi-camera logging, reporting and collaborative editing processes. The MovieSlate iOS app from PureBlend Software and the MovieRecorder and Multicam Logger solutions for Mac from Softron are the latest applications to adopt Timecode Systems’ patented Bluetooth timing protocol.

The efficiency of a video production workflow is driven by how effectively metadata is captured and managed from acquisition to edit. UltraSync BLUE is the first sync product to transmit timecode to a connected recording device or software application over Bluetooth with sub-frame accuracy. With Timecode Systems’ new Bluetooth timing protocol now embedded into their files, PureBlend’s MovieSlate iOS app and Softron’s MovieRecorder and Multicam Logger applications can receive timecode from the UltraSync BLUE over Bluetooth. With this metadata embedded into files ahead of ingest, logging notes are more accurate and sifting through hours of video and audio in post-production becomes a much simpler task. Timecode says this leads to significant time and cost savings and, with less time spent aligning and searching content.

Softron creates Mac-based video and audio software solutions, including MovieRecorder and Multicam Logger. MovieRecorder is a video acquisition application that not only allows users to capture multiple video inputs simultaneously, but also features an edit-while-ingest functionality. Multicam Logger offers the additional benefit, during a live production, of logging which input the producer has selected on the video mixer and at what point in time. After the live recording, this allows users to create, in various editing software applications, a multi-cam clip and a sequence that can then be edited to correct possible mistakes or to add content.

PureBlend’s MovieSlate app is a complete logging and reporting solution for script supervisors, production sound mixers, camera departments, and other production professionals.

UltraSync BLUE compatibility is included in the latest releases of MovieRecorder, Multicam Logger and MovieSlate. Here are all the details.