Integrating SIP Based Phone Systems with Paging and Intercom

barix-integrate-0816Intercom and paging systems over IP have come a long way, and Barix has long been a leader in providing products and solutions to make it all happen.

The requirement for seamless integration of paging an intercom systems with IP based telephone system (VoIP Systems) based on the session initiation protocol SIP) continues to grow. Schools, corporate facilities, transportation-related infrastructure and even residential telephone installations want to use their phone systems to make a public announcements and door stations to call directly into the telephone system, using call forwarding and more. Barix supports these transitions with solutions built on its cost-effective Exstreamer and Annuncicom devices.

Thanks to the Barix SIP client firmware, Barix devices address the integration seamlessly. When connected to a loudspeaker system, the Barix Exstreamer provides a SIP-based PA solution. Alternatively, a Barix Annunciom device provides a two-way intercom into the telephone system via a connected microphone.

The Barix SIP Client works with a wide range of SIP bases telephone systems. And, an application note, available for download from the Barix website, explains how to use BARIX SIP Client with Cisco Unified Call Manager.

One challenge with IP-based telephone systems is that the telephone switch is no longer a dedicated device with an analog input for background music and MoH content. After all, the IP-based telephone PBX is just software (such as Cisco’s Unified Communications Manager) and an Ethernet switch.

Barix provides a solution to solve this problem. The Barix Instreamer is the perfect device to feed existing analog audio feeds into a VoIP system.

Find the application note “How to set Barix Instreamer as MoH source for Cisco Unified Call Manager” here.