Insight Media Claims 50 Million 3DTVs to Be Sold in 2015

insightmedia 3D 0310

insightmedia-3D-0310Insight Media, the leader in Emerging Display Technology Market Research, has issued an authoritative new report — 2010 3DTV Forecast Report: A Comprehensive Worldwide Forecast of 3D Television Unit Sales by Region and Technology.  The report finds that nearly 50M 3DTVs are expected to be sold in 2015, rising from 3.3M 3DTVs in 2010.

“Insight Media has 10 analysts covering the exploding 3D market,” noted Insight Media President, Chris Chinnock.  “We wanted to use the best team in the industry to produce the best 3DTV forecast to date.  Our methodology is comprehensive and transparent, so readers can judge if this is indeed a quality piece of work.”  Details of the methodology are available on the web site.

The forecast features Insight Media’s unique and proprietary convergence method that includes Tops-Down and Bottoms-Up approaches that are converged, reconciled, adjusted and validated to produce the final forecasts.  Expected, optimistic and conservative forecasts are offered in the report.

The $2000 report ships later this month and you can order it here: