InReality Announces the Thermal Mirror — A Fever Scanning Solution

inreality safe space solutions

InReality announced a new suite of Safe Space Solutions Tuesday. The suite is powered by the company’s integration and analytics platform. The Thermal Mirror, an enterprise-focused fever-scanning solution, displays almost immediate temperature results, according to InReality. This can work either anonymously for visitors or via facial recognition for employees. The Occupancy Monitor automates in-venue traffic counts in real-time sensed via mobile devices and/or camera-based technology options.

For each of the Safe Space products InReality offers, businesses can customize and configure metrics and KPI reports. The system allows for flexibility and customization to support CX, process compliance and reporting needs. Data management can be planned to meet IT and legal requirements, and installation points can be remotely managed and updated — all from one platform.

An additional use case currently in the works for the Safe Space suite of solutions is the InReality Pandemic Resiliency Temperature Monitoring Initiative. By aggregating temperature results anonymously from retail locations, restaurants and places of work, the company will provide summary snapshots of trends via real-time APIs to government and health officials. This is to help track and flag flare-ups and anomalies as they occur. The data will include the number of tests (by day) and the distribution of the results. Provided at no charge to both site owners and approved officials, it will leverage the InReality platform capabilities to learn what a normal pattern is. It will then highlight anomalies, serving as an extra layer of insight to identify “hot spots” for taking immediate, proactive action.