INOGENI’s New TOGGLE ROOMS: An Advanced BYOM/BYOD Videoconferencing Switcher at ISE 2024 and More!


inogeni toggle rooms

By Jean-Pierre Simard
Chief Marketing Officer, INOGENI

Mastering USB pro-AV applications: From the award-winning TOGGLE and CAM230 to the new advanced TOGGLE ROOMS, INOGENI redefines BYOM/BYOD meetings at ISE 2024.

Simplifying Videoconferencing Management

In the dynamic landscape of videoconferencing, the recurring challenge lies in bridging the gap between complex technical setups and end-user expectations. Each new system often comes with a bewildering array of controls, leaving users grappling with the basics, from switching cameras to sharing presentations seamlessly. The disconnect between the technical intricacies and the end user’s understanding of control pads, content sharing, and screen management can lead to frustrating and inefficient meeting experiences.

Imagine entering a videoconference room and effortlessly taking charge without wrestling with unfamiliar controls. For end users, especially those not computer-savvy but familiar with their laptops, the solution is clear: simplify the process. Our vision is to empower users of all ages to navigate the complexities of videoconferencing rooms effortlessly. Picture a system where a guest can instantly take control of cameras, speakerphones, videobars, and screen sharing using just one USB-C cable, leveraging their familiarity with their laptops. This shift not only enhances the end-user experience but also ensures that participants are ready for the meeting from the very first second. Let’s dive into how we can revolutionize videoconferencing, making it accessible and user-friendly for everyone.

Easily Mix, Switch and Convert HDMI and USB

In B2B tech, where precision and innovation take center stage, INOGENI consistently enhances USB functionality with innovative devices, like the TOGGLE USB 3.0 switcher to 2 PCs, with 4 awards ‘ISE and InfoComm 2023 – best of show’ the CAM230 switcher (3 cameras), the CAM300 switcher (4 USB/HDMI cameras), and the SHARE2U to mix 2 cameras (USB/HDMI) in picture in picture setups. These devices are USB and HDMI multi-camera switchers and mixers that helps improve meeting equity in virtual meetings. With its easy-to-use camera switching capabilities and support for bidirectional audio with videobars, facilitators can ensure that all participants have equal opportunities to speak and contribute.

INOGENI 2, 3, 4 camera mixer/switcher for Educational or large videoconference room


Some Features:

  • Compatibility with leading MTR and Zoom Rooms systems as well as pro-AV USB devices
  • 1 or 2 monitors: Adaptable for 4Kp60 or 21:9 wide screens

TOGGLE ROOMS picture two room diagram

The spotlight now shifts to ISE 2024, where INOGENI introduces TOGGLE ROOMS, showcasing the company’s unparalleled expertise in mastering USB technology. TOGGLE ROOMS is an advanced videoconference host switcher that meticulously redefines BYOM/BYOD meetings with just one USB-C cable, providing power (100W) and instant connection to all USB devices and displays in the room.

INOGENI toggle rooms product image

Gilles Chouinard, President and CTO of INOGENI, sums up the company’s commitment to mastering USB pro-AV applications, from the popular TOGGLE and CAM230 to the innovative TOGGLE ROOMS at ISE 2024. “Our vision revolves around simplifying videoconferencing management, empowering users of all ages to navigate rooms effortlessly. TOGGLE ROOMS, a cutting-edge videoconference host switcher, redefines BYOM/BYOD meetings with a single USB-C cable, providing power and instant connection to all USB devices. This advanced solution seamlessly switches between hosts, offers up to 100W charging, and boasts compatibility with leading systems, ensuring a user-friendly and accessible videoconferencing experience for all.”

BYOD/BYOM: Simplified

The TOGGLE ROOMS 4Kp60 USB/HDMI switcher effortlessly connects to three USB 3.0 devices and an HDMI display. Seamlessly switching between two hosts, it automatically transitions to a connected laptop, providing convenient charging capabilities of up to 100W via USB-C. Additionally, this versatile solution allows for remote control through RS-232 or GPI, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly experience in any videoconference setting.

Compatible by Design

It is compatible with top Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTR) and Zoom Rooms systems, including Logitech, Lenovo, Jabra, MAXHUB, Crestron Flex, BOSE, Dell and Poly Studio Room Kit, as well as USB cameras, videobars and videoconferencing audio systems.

Discover everything about the TOGGLE ROOMS and applications in the product page here.