INOGENI Introduces New U-CAM For USB Camera and Audio To HDMI Conversions

Screen Shot 2022 04 19 at 2.20.42 PMINOGENI has just introduced the all-new U-CAM, a USB 3.0/2.0 converter that enables you to connect USB camera and audio to HDMI input for your CODEC, matrix or display with embedded audio. Available now at, this versatile solution, perfectly suitable for professional videoconferencing installations, has multiple functionalities, such as a video loop on USB 2.0 with high-quality MJPEG and a connection control via RS-232 or LAN.

The global growth of videoconferencing and professional systems requires high-performance installations in which the user experience is the top priority, to facilitate seamless collaboration and offer the most immersive environment possible—despite the distance that separates all users. Gilles Chouinard, President and CTO at INOGENI, said, “We know that the fleet of professional installations is mainly made up of HDMI video input for CODECs, such as Cisco, Poly, Crestron and Extron. However, the extensive supply of USB cameras continues to grow, with advanced functionalities that are highly sought-after for videoconferencing users. That’s why INOGENI, a leader in video technology for all types of protocols, has responded to market demand by designing the U-CAM converter to be robust as well as easy and worry-free to use.’’

The popularity of smart whiteboards in business and educational institutions continues to grow. They are becoming an essential tool for complex presentations, teaching and creative collaboration. The Huddly Canvas AI camera allows the writing hand and arm to be erased and thus ensures full visibility on the board. Most professional videoconferencing systems and CODECs, like the Cisco Webex Room Series, are equipped with only HDMI inputs for cameras. The U-CAM solves the problem of interoperability instantly, thereby allowing the image of the Huddly Canvas USB camera to be converted into the HDMI format, taking advantage of all the camera’s advanced features.

Thanks to its direct driver-free connection, the new U-CAM is a plug-and-go device that seamlessly converts the USB camera to HDMI with embedded audio as well as the video loop on USB 2.0 to high-quality MJPEG format. It can be controlled on CODEC pads via its RS-232 or LAN connectors. Manufactured in Canada in state-of-the-art facilities, the automated electronics assembly ensures consistent performance and stability. The rugged and easy-to-handle extruded aluminum housing ensures a robust, stable and extremely durable product suitable for daily use in professional and commercial environments. Our manufacturing suppliers in Canada follow stringent environmental and ethical policies. The U-CAM is also RoHS compliant. All assembly and manufacturing production is carried out in Québec, Canada, where 95.7% of the energy used to produce the U-CAM is hydroelectric, which allows for green production to help customers achieve their ESG requirements.